Useful Google apps


Google has a large variety of apps that can be very useful in many ways with general maintenance over your life. Some of the most popular ones include Google Search, Drive, Gmail, Docs and Sheets. These all have different functions to assist with things relating to work or day to day tasks. The following are brief descriptions of useful ways to apply Google Apps towards your life.


New_Logo_Gmail.svgThis app is an emailing platform and can provide access to communication between coworkers, friends, businesses and financial information. Your email is the central hub of your desired or required knowledge, and can connect you instantly from your phone. When you are in an area with no service, you can choose to have your email available offline and browse it when you please without updates.

Google Search

google-76522_1280Everybody has questions, and the Google search engine can bring you knowledge by use of both voice command and quick text drop downs. You can even set the app to respond to your voice. When you say, “Ok Google,” The app will open up on your screen wherever you may be within you phone.


Have access to an essential text document software that can provide various tools and functions to customize your words to your preference. You can use it for simple things such as a grocery list, or more business appropriate files to be presented as an assignment.




2000px-Googledrive_logo.svgThis is the storage center for all your files. Ranging from spreadsheets, presentations, pictures, videos and text documents you can view and share anything while your on the go. This is especially useful for anyone dealing with a large file base that requires constant transfer of information to their coworkers.



This voice chat software is perfect for video conferencing between multiple people at once. You can also send text through a chat function, making the conversation able to split and create very efficient sessions.



In brief, Google Apps are making everyday life more accessible and give a sense of relief to all their users. Individuals who travel a lot can enjoy the benefits of these multi-functional apps from anywhere.

But that’s not all. Google provides even more advanced apps for business usage. It’s super easy to get started with Google Apps for Business, especially when you have a Google Apps Promo Code, which makes them much more cost-effective for you.